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NOISE AUDIOPHONE       A few tips in advance

Ein AudiophoneEvery AUDIOPHONE has an air valve that can be adjusted to suit the hearing an sensitivities of the user and to the work place/source of the noise.

An impression is taken from the individual´s auditory canal, using silicon and when produced it is modified to the needs of the user. The process may be compared with that of the manufacture of a hearing aid equipment.

Using his  AUDIOPHONE,  the user is always protected from noise nuisance, while being able to communicate acoustically. No injurious high frequencies will enter his ears, i. e. those ranging up to 120 dB(A).

In addition, AUDIOPHONE equipment may be fitted with mini speakers and receivers, inductively or using wire, for  hands-free communication,  purely by way of the auditory ossicles. 

The NOISE Audiophone System has the EU test certificateDIN EN 352-2:1993 of the  BIA

This system is recommended in Germany for the protection of labour and as a protection from noise, and indeed is being used every day throughout industry and in the noisy zones of wellknown companies and organisations.  This product is now being produced under licence in a number of European countries.


                 NOISE  CAN  BE  DEBILITATING

Noise can be a health problem !     Hardness of hearing due to noise is the most common occupational illness.We use our hearing all the time, even during the night. Impaired hearing reduces one´s concen- tration, you can feel tensed up most of the time and won´t be long before you feel ill ! The acoustic hair cells in our ears are insidiously affected by noise pollution !  If these cells get damaged we will become hard of hearing ! Fortunately, this kind of poor hearing can be avoided simply by obeying certain rules and by using suitable ear protection equipment. 


The  AUDIOPHONE is a personal auditory protection system.      It has to be suited to the person using it, if maximum benefit is to be comfortable to wear and hence popular. 

- An adjustable air valve provides optimal muffing effect and air ventilation. 

- The equipment ensures that weak signals and directional sound will be >heard. And it is still possible to hear speech and to use the telephone in  >very  noisy areas.

- The hypoallergenic material, so friendly to the skin, prevents irritation of >the international auditory canal.

- Stress and venting of aggression, caused by noise, is obviated. 

- The working climate is improved, thus increasing efficiency.    The  AUDIOPHONE Auditory Protection Equipment also >prevents other kinds of auditory illnesses.     Our after-sales and maintenance service provides long-term protection for >the AUDIOPHONE wearer. Easy to clean, using a special-purpose clothe or just soap and water-promotes good hygiene.